Crystal Waters Tai Chi

Dedicated to practicing and studying the Yang short form


Crystal Waters offers three types of classes. Our basic movement class twice a week, our advanced studies class once a week and a sword form class once a week. We offer a supportive and welcoming environment for beginners to advanced students. By having both a movement class and a philosophical componet we hope to offer a more rounded study of this martial art and allow our members the opportunity to expand their studies in the direction they desire.

Movement Class

This is our form class where we concentrate on studing the short Yang form, as brought to us by Cheng Man Ching. This class includes basic and advanced studies of Tai Chi Chuan movement, limited Qi Gong, Tui Sho (Tai chi grappling), Martial applications of the form as well as energy flows. Some of the benefits from this class include increased balance, grace and body awareness. We practice a form that has been modified for knee safety!

Advanced Studies

This is the philosophy class that explores the ideas behind Tai Chi. We are currently working on the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu, but also will be working with other texts and discussion including some aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine and culture that have influenced the growth and development of the art.

Sword Form

This is an advanced form class where we will be exploring the differences between bare hand forms and weapons forms, specifically Tai Chi sword. Sword exercises to begat familiarity with the weapon are encouraged, and most of the weapons available for study are wood.